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2UP Games

2UP Games is a mobile game studio focusing on co-op mobile games. We spoke with co-founder Joe Raeburn about his latest capital raise.

road guru

Road Guru is an online platform for travel agents to book tour guides. The company has recently completed a stint in Lightning Lab’s tourism accelerator and raised their seed round, so we spoke to CEO Mitchell McLaughlin.


SnapIT makes monitoring services technology like live cameras, tracking and satellite communication systems. Learn about their recent financing transaction and what it's like to work with us.
ideegeo founders discussing the company


Ideegeo is an international domain name retailer, better known domain site iwantmyname.com. The company was sold to UK domain register CentralNic for $5.2m.
nz startup swipedon


SwipedOn provides a SaaS visitor management system that allows visitors to log in using iPads. Learn about its recent exit via acquisition by SmartSpace Software, a UK-listed business.
NZ startup shuttlerock


Shuttlerock developed a SaaS platform to help brands collect content and use it in online video advertisements. Read more about how they closed their round of ~$1.6m in late 2017.


Jude was created by New Zealand fintech company Jude Limited to automatically handle those routine but easily overlooked parts of managing your bank accounts. Read about their seed round with Ice Angels.
nz startup humankind


Humankind spun out its recruitment arm of its business into a stand-alone company called Kin. Read about how we helped with the ownership structure and transaction.
nyriad nz startup


Software company Nyriad has developed an ultrafast, low-power GPU-based storage solution, and recently closed a series A capital raise, with Kindrik Partners handling the legals.
nz startup homes.co.nz


The Homes.co.nz team recently chatted to us about their latest milestone – investment from Spark that will bankroll their grand expansion plans – and how they find working with Kindrik Partners.
nz startup myapiary


MyApiary is a Hamilton tech company that provides SaaS data and management services to beekeepers. Learn how MyApiary completed its series A round led by NZ agri-powerhouse Gallagher Group.

cloud m

Cloud M is a cloud and mobile solutions company that is focused on health and safety. Learn about their capital raising journey.
nz startup codelingo


CodeLingo helps change the way software engineering teams scale without sacrificing code quality. Learn more about their recent cap raise.
nz startup stretchsense


StretchSense creates wearable motion capture sensors. Learn about its series A capital raising round with listed Japanese company Start Today.
nz startup lawlab


Learn about lawlab, an Australian specialist conveyancing firm, that has worked with Kindrik Partners on commercial matters.
nz startup umajin


Umajin is a mobile app development solution. Learn more about how we advised Umajin along its growth journey, through reorganisations, capital raises, share schemes and complex commercial deals.
nz startup volpara


Volpara Solutions is a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and analysis products. Learn how we worked with them as they prepared to list on the ASX.
nz startup auror


Auror is a SaaS platform to help retailers and police stop theft. Learn more about their $1m capital raise to grow its team and expand into Australia.
nz tech invenco


Read about payment technology company Invenco’s expansion to the US and how they found working with Kindrik Partners.
foster moore

foster moore

Foster Moore is a IT company that specialises in electronic registers. Read how we supported them through their growth.
nz startup insuredhq


InsuredHQ provides an online policy administration system to insurers, brokers and agents. Read how we supported their global expansion.

conscious consumers

It offers an easy to use app that enables consumers to focus on the things they care about. Read about how we supported them in their first capital raise.

simply payroll

Simply Payroll is a SaaS payroll company. Read how we've worked with them on a range of legal issues.


Banquer is an online financial literacy programme for classrooms. Learn how we supported her through startup life.

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