It helps to start your company with good foundations. We help with basics like IP assignments, constitutions, vesting agreements, privacy policies and employee share option plans.

capital raising

We advise on all sizes and stages of tech company capital raising, from seed through series A, B and beyond, to private equity and pre-IPO rounds. For best results, involve us when you get your first term sheet.


All of our corporate partners started life as m&a lawyers before branching out into venture capital. We specialise in tech company m&a, and as well as helping Kiwi founders negotiate great exits, we are increasingly helping well-funded Kiwi tech companies with acquisitions.


Contracts are the thing that bring in the revenue for tech companies, from simple t&cs for e-commerce websites through to 100+ page master service agreements with multinationals or government entities. We review and draft them all.


Tech companies often operate in a state of barely controlled chaos. We help calm the waters with advice on governance matters including board composition, directors’ duties, founder and shareholder arrangements, and Companies Act compliance.

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2UP Games

2UP Games is a mobile game studio focusing on co-op mobile games. We spoke with co-founder Joe Raeburn about his latest capital raise.

road guru

Road Guru is an online platform for travel agents to book tour guides. The company has recently completed a stint in Lightning Lab’s tourism accelerator and raised their seed round, so we spoke to CEO Mitchell McLaughlin.


SnapIT makes monitoring services technology like live cameras, tracking and satellite communication systems. Learn about their recent financing transaction and what it's like to work with us.

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post-money convertible notes

Back in 2018, Y-Combinator (YC) updated their core investment instrument and launched what is now known as the post-money SAFE. We analysed the post-money SAFE…