buying or selling a business is a big deal for most people

If you are selling, it’s is a one-time opportunity to monetise all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve invested in your business over the years.  If your buying, an acquisition can step your business up to the next level.

m&a experts in the tech space

We work with our tech company clients throughout their life-cycle to maximise value on exit.  We also help companies with a strategy of growth by acquisition. We advise on initial deal strategy and on the negotiation of letters of intent. Then once a deal has been agreed in principle, we do a lot of the heavy lifting around the negotiation of sale and purchase agreements, running due diligence and disclosure, and getting ducks in a row for completion.

with you at the negotiation table

Our corporate partners have acted on hundreds of acquisitions and exits over the course of their careers. They have helped clients buy and sell businesses all around the world, across a wide range of industry sectors and involving buyers and sellers from entrepreneurs to the largest multinationals. All love to share this experience with our tech clients as they prepare for the m&a journey.

“Julie was always two or three steps ahead of the negotiations – she had tact and forethought, and ensured we ended up in the right place.”

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