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convertible note (KISS terms)

This is one of three templates we have for doing a seed investment or bridge financing. It accrues interest and has a maturity date.

due diligence checklist

This is a typical legal due diligence list that a lead investor will send to a company raising capital.


This is one of three templates we have for doing a seed investment or bridge financing. The amount of the investment is not a loan, has no set maturity or repayment date and does not accrue interest. 

wholesale investor certificate

This certificate is for use by an investor who is seeking to invest in a company on the basis that they are a wholesale investor.

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We've put together in-depth guides to help founders get up to speed.

economic downturn and startup term sheets

The global economic downturn has inevitably hit the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Investors in startups, like everyone else, are impacted by falling stock prices and fund valuations, distracted from…

active investors in nz tech startups

This guide (revised for 2020) is our take on NZ’s tech investor landscape. This is aimed at early-stage startups who are considering getting investment into their company.

does your investor pass the FMCA test?

This is a choose your own adventure-style tool we have created for companies looking to raise capital by issuing shares, options or convertible notes to New Zealand-based investors.

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NZ startup shuttlerock


Shuttlerock developed a SaaS platform to help brands collect content and use it in online video advertisements. Read more about how they closed their round of ~$1.6m in late 2017.


Jude was created by New Zealand fintech company Jude Limited to automatically handle those routine but easily overlooked parts of managing your bank accounts. Read about their seed round with Ice Angels.
nyriad nz startup


Software company Nyriad has developed an ultrafast, low-power GPU-based storage solution, and recently closed a series A capital raise, with Kindrik Partners handling the legals.

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