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Our 2019 techlaw intern programme is getting underway, and we’re looking for Auckland based tech companies who would like to participate.

A quick recap on how the scheme works:

  • we work with Auckland University in Term 1 to select law students in the later stages of their degrees who are keen to gain some real world legal experience working in a tech company
  • we then match those students with participating tech companies
  • the students provide up to 100 hours of work to their matched company
  • Kindrik Partners and our sponsors pay the students rather than participating companies (i.e. this is a free service for tech companies)
  • we provide upfront training to the students, and technical support while they are on the job.

Participating companies need to have some legal related tasks that can be worked on effectively by a student with appropriate supervision and support.  Our preference is to select companies who can provide that supervision and support themselves, with some remote support and mentoring from our team.

Feedback from both companies and students who participated in last year’s scheme was extremely positive.  The companies particularly enjoyed helping young students gain an understanding of the business world, which is quite lacking in the study experience of most law students.

If you are interested in hearing more about the programme, or would like to take an intern this year, please contact Julie Fowler by the end of February.

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