research and development tax credit bill

The R&D tax credit bill (introduced to Parliament in October of 2018) will replace the existing system of Callaghan Innovation R&D grants with a tax credit system. Under the Callaghan grant system, tech companies obtained taxable grants equal to 20% of the cost of eligible R&D activity. Under the new system, tech companies undertaking eligible […]

2018 capital raising numbers

We’ve crunched the numbers and confirmed that 2018 was by far our busiest year for capital raising activity. In total we helped clients close 92 deals.   This is a big uptick in activity from 2017, with 67 completed deals.  For the first time, Southeast Asia accounted for more than half of our capital raising activity, […]

seeking companies to host techlaw interns

Our 2019 techlaw intern programme is getting underway, and we’re looking for Auckland based tech companies who would like to participate. A quick recap on how the scheme works: we work with Auckland University in Term 1 to select law students in the later stages of their degrees who are keen to gain some real […]