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This is a typical due diligence list that a purchaser would send to a target company.  It comprises a list of legal documents and information that the target company must provide for review by the purchaser, usually via a file sharing site.   Additional questions will inevitably arise as the purchaser reviews the documents provided.  The target company should have a confidentiality agreement in place before providing any of the information requested in this list – our template mutual confidentiality agreement is suitable for this purpose.

We suggest that companies planning an exit transaction get an electronic file together of the documents in this list so that when requested, they can be provided quickly.  Arrange the file in the order and using the headings and numbering in this list.  If the company has more than one document under any heading, list each document separately using consecutive numbering (e.g. the company may have more than one lease, if so the leases should be listed under 2.3 as, say, 2.3.1 and 2.3.2).

If there are unwritten agreements or arrangements, descriptions of those unwritten agreements/arrangements should be provided instead.

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