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This document is intended for use by the founders of a startup company to formally transfer intellectual property relevant to the business, products or services of the company, to that company.

Before completing this deed, we suggest that companies and their founders first work to identify and record the intellectual property that the company intends to use (or is already using) in its business, including details of who:

  • created the intellectual property, and on what basis (e.g. as a founder, employee or external consultant of the company)
  • owns that intellectual property and on what basis (i.e. if the company owns intellectual property because it was created by its employees in the course of their employment, this should be recorded)

This will help to identify any intellectual property that needs to be transferred by a founder or consultant, etc to the company (and to properly describe that intellectual property in a deed of assignment).  It will also help to prove ownership of the company‚Äôs intellectual property in the future, e.g. in a capital raising or M&A transaction.

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