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This is a simple supplier friendly B2B distributor agreement for low value/low risk electronic products.

If the products are high risk or high value, have unique characteristics, and/or the Company (being the product supplier, not the Distributor) will provide additional services to the Distributor, you should use an agreement that has been drafted for those purposes (e.g. more belts and braces).

This template assumes:

  • the Company has a commercial off-the-shelf electronic product
  • the product does not require customisation for individual end customers
  • the Company is not providing any stand-alone software that requires separate end customer licence terms (i.e. the only software being provided is embedded software and/or firmware)
  • the Distributor will have the contractual relationship with the end customers for the sale of the products, but won’t deal with the products or the end customers after they are sold (i.e. the Company will be providing any related services such as after-sales support and maintenance services).
  • The terms of the agreement are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and may require customisation to reflect the particular commercial arrangement that applies in this instance.

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