the techlaw intern programme in review



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We launched the techlaw intern programme this year, which paired law students from the University of Auckland with NZ tech companies for some hands-on work experience.  Jude, UniServices, Endace, and 9 Spokes were our hosts.

The programme has been a resounding success.

The students loved getting a taste of working in the tech sector and learning new skills on tech projects.  Matt Bastion (Jude’s intern) says:

it has been awesome learning about what Jude is doing and being thrown in the deep end.

For Nadya Fauzia (9 Spokes’ intern), its confirmed for her that she wants to be in tech.

A key reason for our host companies volunteering was simply to support students getting some real-life experience.  But all of them have received value from the programme and the work of the students.  Sandra King, General Counsel at UniServices, says:

the students have been a great help to us and the programme has allowed us to give them a taster of legal life in the tech sector.  We are looking forward to next year!

And there have been lots of learnings for us too, e.g. ensuring the programme is flexible so that students can work around their University and other commitments.

Having had a successful pilot – we’re committed to running the programme next year too.  If you are an Auckland-based NZ tech company who would like to participate in our 2019 techlaw programme, get in touch with Julie Fowler.

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