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As we see it, there are a couple of issues for law grads and the tech sector that need to be fixed fast. The first is that most law graduates don’t realise that working in the tech sector is an option for them – crazy, we know. The second issue is that, while law school teaches students the theory, they graduate knowing very little about how to actually be a lawyer. We’ve decided to solve both issues in one swoop.

We’re launching a pilot programme in 2018 (current working title is the techlaw programme) where participating law students in their final years will get the chance to intern with NZ tech companies doing real legal work.

Our plan is for the students to be paid to complete up to 100 hours of basic legal work for tech companies – at no cost to the companies as Kindrik Partners and our sponsors will foot the bill. The work will be supervised by a buddy at Kindrik Partners. We’ll also provide up-front training for the students, with help from sponsors and friends in our network.

This will be a fantastic real-life experience for the students but will also enable tech companies to showcase careers in tech. We think this programme will be win-win for everyone.

It’s early days and we’re still working on the finer details. But, if you’d like to participate, either as one of the tech companies using a student or in another way (e.g. as a sponsor, supporter, or educator), we’d love to hear from you.

More details to follow in early 2018 . . .

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