meet the offshore VC’s with kindrik partners and balgarnie van rooyen at tech week 2019



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Last year, New Zealand saw a big increase in direct foreign investment into our early-stage companies. Some exciting international funding rounds were completed by the likes of Rocket Lab, Soul Machines, Nyriad and Vend. So why are global venture investors looking at New Zealand and more specifically, what are they looking for in Kiwi tech companies?

Kindrik Partners has partnered with Balgarnie van Rooyen to bring four international venture investors to Auckland during Tech Week 2019, helping high-growth Kiwi tech companies to understand the NZ investment mandates of these US, Australian and Singaporean funds. Companies will also get the chance to network with the investors after the panel session, so a well-polished elevator pitch is a must have for attendees!

Co-hosted with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), the event is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, May 22nd in Britomart. The investors will consist of 3 early-mid stage venture capital funds and one venture debt fund.

This will be a great event for NZ tech companies who may be interested in raising capital from offshore investors at some future point, who also have:

  • expansion plans in any of Australia, Southeast Asia or the US; and
  • proven some level of product/market fit in NZ or internationally.

To apply to attend or to find out more, apply here.

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