kindrik partners legal templates now available free of charge to NZ lawyers



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Three years ago, we released a suite of 20 free legal templates for download by NZ tech companies.  This was a first for a NZ law firm.

Since the launch of this free service we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the tech and wider business community.  We’ve had more than 125,000 downloads so far, and our library has grown to nearly 50 free NZ templates plus 12 free templates for Southeast Asian tech companies.

Many of our documents are now in wide circulation and some are becoming de-facto industry standards, including our convertible note agreement, shareholders’ agreement, services agreement, and confidentiality agreement.  Our clients tell us they are delighted when a counterparty presents them with what is obviously a Kindrik Partners template for review.

Open sourcing creates efficiencies and helps with the development of best practice.  For this reason, we’ve decided to take the “next step” by fully open sourcing our templates – NZ lawyers will no longer need to pay to use our templates and instead may use them free of charge.

Lawyers can now access our and use our templates from our regular templates page.  We update the templates regularly and welcome feedback.

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