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We’ve been super busy upgrading the Kindrik Partners website to make our doc makers more awesome.

There are two main changes:

  • users can now access the doc makers (and Word templates) by setting up an account on our site. All you need is an original user name (warning – Evil Lawyer is taken) and a valid email address. Of course, users can still login via LinkedIn if they prefer.
  • once set up with an email or LinkedIn account, users will have a login/my documents tab at the top right of the site. This links to each user’s document vault, in which completed forms and documents are stored. Partially completed forms are stored here too.

The my documents vault is an killer feature, as it enables users to reuse their forms and accompanying data as much as they like. It’s already a big hit with the Kindrik Partners lawyers.

We currently have 12 document makers up and running. These cover many of the tech startup essentials, including:

Now that we’ve optimised our site, we will be focussing on turning the rest of our Word templates into doc makers. We’d like to get this completed early next year.

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