capital raising and NZ securities law – an interactive tool



Check out our new interactive tool to help companies better understand the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA), and demystify one of the more technical aspects of cap raising in New Zealand.

Before a company can issue (or offer to issue) shares, options or convertible notes to anyone based in New Zealand, it must either:

  • follow the full disclosure requirements under the FMCA (which can be a long and expensive process), or
  • ensure that one or more of the exclusions in Schedule 1 of the FMCA apply.

The Schedule 1 exclusions are tricky to follow, and we spend a lot of time helping companies navigate them.

But, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients’ lives a little easier.

We’ve used Twine – an amazing open source tool originally designed for creating interactive fiction – to create the tool, which guides you through the process of identifying whether one of the more common Schedule 1 exclusions applies to your investor(s).

We hope you find the tool helpful. If you have problems accessing or using it (or if you’d just like to give us some feedback on it), contact us at [email protected]

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