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Slingshot, an Australian accelerator program that connects large corporates with startups via tailored accelerator programmes, recently announced the Caltex Spark 12 week accelerator. The accelerator will run from May 7 to August 1 in Sydney.

Slingshot are seeking applications from Australian and New Zealand tech startups and scale-ups in the mobility, retail, convenience or efficiency space. There’s up to $150,000 of funding up for grabs for each successful entrant, as well as the potential for additional investment from Caltex and the Slingshot Venture Fund.  Plus a highly structured lean orientated training and mentorship programme provided by Slingshot.

The Caltex Spark Accelerator will be visiting The Icehouse for a Roadshow on 8 March. Applications close March on 16. If you would like to find out more, visit:

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