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We’re delighted to have been appointed to the Gen 2 All of Government external legal providers panel to advise public sector agencies on their IT projects and related issues.  In the past, Kindrik Partners has enjoyed a great relationship with many agencies and we’re looking forward to reconnecting with our colleagues in the public sector.

While Kindrik Partners acts for many customers on IT projects, we have developed a reputation as a go to firm for suppliers on ICT transactions.  Whether you’re a supplier or a customer of ICT services, it’s vital that your lawyer understands the risks and issues from the other side’s perspective so that solutions can be quickly found that meet both parties’ interests.

Given we act on both sides of the fence, we think our inclusion in the panel will offer great benefits across our client base.  And, if you’re a public sector agency, keep an eye out for our focussed newsletters and webinars that we’ll soon be launching.

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