announcing the launch of our new southeast asia website



We are excited to announce the launch of Kindrik Partners’s newly-designed website for Southeast Asian tech companies and startups.

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and tech companies by giving them tools to self-serve the legal basics. Our goal with our new website is to make it much easier for startups and tech companies based in Southeast Asia to browse and use those resources with a site especially for them.

fixed pricing for common startup jobs

We know that startups are often price sensitive, which is why we’re trying to de-mystify some of the pricing around common activities that people tend to use lawyers for.

We’re experimenting with moving away from the six-minute billable unit to fixed pricing and fee estimates that founders can budget for & rely on.

take a look at our pricing page

open-source ESOP document generator

We’ve retooled our ESOP (employee share option plan) document generator so that people can make their own ESOPs.

It’s never been easier to use one of our document generators. No more registering for an account or using your LinkedIn details – it’s now 100% open and free to use.

We’ll be updating all of our document generators in this new format over the coming months.

easy-to navigate resources section

First-time visitors will find our resources section easier to navigate. For example, we’ve included descriptions of our different templates so you can get understand what the template does at a glance.

Visitors can now also browse by subject-matter, like all resources related to raising a seed round, as well as by type (eg all templates):

new commercial resources

We’ve released three new commercial templates for SEA companies:

watch this space

We’re committed to supporting startups and tech companies in the region with their legal work so that they can get on with growing their business.

If there’s anything you would like to see on our site, get in touch with our Singapore team.

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