2017 capital raising numbers so far



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After our bumper year of capital raising in 2016, we’ve been keeping an eye on the level of capital raising activity amongst our clients as 2017 progresses.

So far this year we’ve completed 15 transactions with another 27 on the books, raising (if all complete) about NZ$180m.  This compares 87 completed transactions in 2016 with a total raised of $220m.

Trends so far, amongst our clients at least, have been a greater number of investments from corporate venture funds (e.g. Spark Ventures) and local and offshore VC’s.

As far as the second half of the year goes, capital raising activity usual gets serious towards the end of Q3 through to the end of the year, so current expectations are we will close a similar number of deals to last year with most likely a higher total amount of capital raised.

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